Market Evaluations

Prospective custom homeowners can experience difficulties when it comes to setting a proper budget for their future properties. At Ridgewest Homes we consider ourselves experts in the custom home building process and therefore can guide our customers through proper market evaluations. We want your luxury home to come to life in the most sensible manner which is why many of our clients let us manage the subcontractor negotiations so they can focus on other areas of the building experience such as bank financing, design, and features. During an extensive market evaluation, Ridgewest Homes will seek the following information:

  • Local Monthly Sales Volume and Velocity

  • Inventory Levels

  • Statistics on Affordability

  • Confidence Indexes

  • Various Economic Indicators


A proper custom home market evaluation is grounded in the current local economics of Langley, BC and surrounding areas. This economic snapshot is then used as a comparison when establishing building budgets. We will establish a comparable ceiling home price as well as a floor value that meets your specific building criteria. As a luxury multi-million dollar homeowner you want your prospective custom building project to provide long-term resale value and be placed in the proper residential surroundings. Market values fluctuate over time but with proper market understanding, many future surprises can be mitigated.  

Custom Home Consultations

Each custom home that Ridgewest Homes undertakes is a unique experience based on the individual style of our client. The beginning phase of any custom home building project requires special attention to detail that only a true professional luxury builder like Ridgewest can provide. Executing an in-depth consultation is the first step to uncovering each household’s set of goals and priorities. From those perspectives the Ridgewest team can carefully shape expectations about what types of floor plans, spacing, and décor is possible to achieve. The end goal of any successful consultation is to realistically combine luxury, livable space, and exterior concepts and meet our prospective client’s expectations. Our consultations will cover:

  • Exterior Concept Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Interior Design Needs


Completing a custom home from the ground up is complicated. With so many factors to consider beyond price, size, and features, potential custom homeowners are encouraged to consult with our team of expert home builders before beginning the process. At Ridgewest Homes we can caution against pitfalls of the building process like only an experienced building and design team can. We want to make your consultation process as stress-free as possible while creating an environment of collaboration and trust. Removing surprises and providing our future clients with information and education about the custom home building process is what sets us apart from the competition.

Design Consultations 

The Ridgewest process begins with selecting your initial home design to work from. Clients can choose from a wide selection of floor plans or work with an architect to create a completely customized layout. The options are virtually endless and provide prospective custom homeowners with total flexibility. After selecting a basic floor plan design we move onto customization. During this phase of the design consultation the Ridgewest team encourages homeowners to make as many changes as they see fit until the overall home plan makes them happy. This piece of the custom home building process can take some time and we encourage our clients not to move on until they feel 100% satisfied with all customization.


Our main priority during the custom home design phase is to work from a fully collaborative spirit. Our finished designs should reflect each client’s personal preferences and goals. Our competitive advantage is seen very clearly as our satisfied customers get exactly what they want at a price a level of quality without compromise. Ridgewest’s creative team of custom home designers uncover strategic solutions that pave a solid foundation from which to construct the perfect custom home. When we partner with prospective luxury homeowners and see their eyes light up upon viewing the finished design, we know we are on the right track.


Budget Meetings: Upon reaching the perfect home plan design, our team will assist you in establishing a budget. This is possibly one of the most exciting phases of the home building process because homeowners will track where every dollar is being allocated and are often surprised by how much house their buying power can afford. Ridgewest budgets are highly detailed and never surprise homeowners with hidden costs. From higher grade bathroom fixtures and extra garage stalls to an additional downstairs bedrooms, our clients will know exactly how much each space costs and where it fit into the overall home value. Customization comes back into play as homeowners are encouraged to maximize budgets to match their desired results. 


Ridgewest Homes has established an extensive network of suppliers in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley region and beyond. Through our network we can procure high-end materials from nationally recognized brands at rock bottom prices. Our valued clients benefit from our local, regional, and national buying power. We can source superior custom products at lower prices and include them standard on finalized budgets.  When our clients pay less, our reputation grows. As each piece of the budget is confirmed, homeowners take one more step toward their dream home.

Custom Home Building

Ridgewest Homes is a premier custom home design and building firm. We help our clients realize the vision of their dream homes and have earned a sterling reputation along the way. Our finished luxury custom home building projects are of the highest caliber and are featured in some of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley's most sought after neighborhoods. From initial consultations and budget meetings to the big reveal, Ridgewest is committed to making the building experience as rewarding as possible for each of our valued clients.


Designing and building a custom luxury home can be intimidating but our team of talented craftsmen and interior designers will seamlessly guide you through the process and allow you to focus on important decisions, not trivial details. Our style is relaxed and based on responsive communication because we believe that is the best possible characteristic for success. Ridgewest is dedicated to showcasing the taste and lifestyle of each individual homeowner which is why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Your unique needs are unmatched by anyone else. We expertly deliver design quality, patient guidance, and unbelievable results. It would be our pleasure to partner with you and bring the vision of your custom dream home to reality.

Interior Design 

Ridgewest Homes offers a full suite of interior design services. Our talented team is led by tenured interior design pro Elizabeth Nielsen. Turn your inspirations into reality with the help of our team’s interior design project management. At Ridgewest we believe in taking the custom home building experience from start to finish and we leave no detail untouched. Look to our interior design services for the following finishing touches:

  • Flooring

  • Full lighting plans

  • Fixture consultation and installation

  • Complete color scheme analysis, finish selection, and implementation

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, accessories, and organization

  • Window treatments including drapes, blinds, and shades


Whether you are a homeowner in Langley, South Surrey, Abbotsford, or The British Properties of Vancouver, Ridgewest Homes interior design services can assist you in any decoration or interior design project, large or small. We also welcome business owners and rental property managers to partner with us and discover amazing design aesthetics that increase revenue potential. When workers are in a productive space they produce results, when rental spaces are inviting vacancy rates decrease. Our interior design services will stay within any established budget to accomplish all customer goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your unique needs with our interior designers today!

Custom Interior/Exterior Renovations

Transcend the pages of a magazine and allow your renovation inspirations to become a reality. Whether your renovations call for a complete luxury make-over or a room upgrade, our team of interior design pros would be delighted to provide you with a free consultation. At Ridgewest Homes we offer full service interior and exterior custom remodeling and renovations. Our service footprint includes the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, West Vancouver, Morgan Creek and South Surrey. As our reputation grows so does our ability to showcase our custom home remodeling results in different communities. Ridgewest provides the skilled craftsmanship, experience, and creativity your next luxury remodel or renovation demands.


While we specialize in building custom homes, we also execute up-scale remodeling, full renovations, basement build-outs, and additions. Over the years we discovered our clients have amazing ideas which is why Ridgewest Homes strives to pay close attention to each and every detail of the interior and exterior renovation process. Our goal is to make life easy for our homeowners so all they have to do relax and watch their vision take shape. Through progress reports and detailed invoices, our renovation projects stay on time and on budget. We are here for our clients before, during, and after construction.









“We selected Don of Ridgewest Homes to build our dream home and were excited for the opportunity to work with him, as we had seen some of the quality he had established on some of his other projects.  Don delivered on all fronts, and not only built us our dream home exactly to our specifications, but also added a fully customized additional gym and spa to showcase our business.  Dons experience in the home building field, as well as being personable and outgoing made him a pleasure to work with.  His skilled approach to his business kept us extremely confident that he would be able to deliver exactly what we were looking for, and our home shines as another quality custom Ridgewest built home.  We look forward to seeing other Ridgewest built homes in our area!”






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